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Product and Marketing Management
The Brainmates Product Management Framework brings together established methodologies such as Design Thinking, Agile Thinking and offers a fresh approach that enables companies to create products and services customers love.
Using this Framework, an ‘idea’ is shepherded from Innovation, to Business selection, through to Development, Marketing and lastly Operations to become a market ready product or service.
Underpinning this approach  is the belief that customers are the centre of every profitable opportunity.
Brainmates set out to create a practical, streamlined Product Management Framework for medium and large organisations applying:
  • 100 years of collected, ‘hands on’ Product Management and Business experience,
  • Knowledge and information gained from academic literature and study,
  • An understanding of organisational culture,
  • Our involvement in disrupted and dynamic markets and organisations,
  • On-going, healthy debates amongst our peers and thought leaders.


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