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IT Architecture Core


As an IASA Foundation certified professional, you will be equipped with the foundational knowledge of being an IT Architect and be familiar and exposed to the skills and tools required by the IT Architect. Understanding of the ‘Five Foundational Pillars’ will sharpen the holistic view of thinking outside the box in decision making process or in solving business and technical issues. In addition, it will provide an appreciation and understanding of the value of IT initiatives in relation to the business capabilities and the significant success values of what an IT Architect can bring to the organization.

This foundation course evaluates and expounds on the fundamental understanding of Business Technology Strategy and the IT Architecture Body of Knowledge (ITABOK) by focusing on the essential building blocks required in the IT Architecture field that encompasses the following:
Understanding the fundamentals on the five pillars of IT Architecture
  • Distinguishing the key architecture concepts
  • Defining industry frameworks and components alongside basic IT Architect skills
  • Defining IT values and business capabilities for your organization
Course Prerequisite
The Certificate in the Fundamental Knowledge of IT Architecture is a prerequisite, where participants should have a reasonable understanding and is familiar with the concepts of IT Architecture. Participants should also have an appreciation and a strong interest in pursuing IT Architecture knowledge, aspire to be an IT Architect or who is already an IT Architect but wish to pursue the next level of the Certified IT Architecture programs i.e IASA Associate Certified (IAC), Board Certified IT Architect Professional (CITA-P), and Board Certified IT Architect Master (CITA-M)
Course Duration
5 Days
Course Outline
Module 1: IT Architecture & IT Architects
  • How IASA has identified the foundational pillars that supports IT Architecture
  • What is the difference between IT Architecture and IT Architect?
  • What are the values of IT Architecture?
Workshop 1 - Presenting & justifying IT Architecture for the business
Module 2: Design Skills
  • Designing from an IT Architecture perspective
  • Design definition and implications
  • Design skills in detail
Workshop 2 - Addressing and applying design skills
Module 3: IT Environment Skills
  • The importance of IT environment skills
  • IT environment skills in detail
Workshop 3 - Leveraging and applying IT environment skills
Module 4: Quality Attributes Skills
  • The importance of quality attributes in IT Architecture skills
  • Quality attributes skills in detail
Workshop 4 - Applying, optimizing, and presenting quality attributes tradeoff analysis
Module 5: Business Technology Strategy Skills
  • Business technology strategy skills definition
  • Business technology strategy skills in detail
Workshop 5 - Developing and presenting technology strategy for the business
Module 6: Human Dynamic Skills
  • The importance of human dynamic skills
  • Human dynamics skills in detail
Workshop 6 - Mastering and applying human dynamics skills in IT
Module 7: IT Architecture Project Selection
  • IT Architect engagement model expanded
  • IT Architecture business cases
Workshop 7 - Reviewing business cases from an IT Architecture viewpoint
  • Creating a sound business case
Workshop 8 - Creating values for a business case
  • Calculating and communicating values
Workshop 9 - Calculating and communicating values for a business case
  • Prioritizing IT projects based on IT Architecture principles
Workshop 10 - Prioritizing and selecting IT projects
  • Assigning individual roles to the IT Architecture team
Workshop 11 - Creating and assigning roles to an IT Architecture team
Module 8: IT Architecture Blueprint Creation
  • Capturing and analyzing requirements
Workshop 12 - Scoping requirements & identifying constraints
  • Generic IT Architecture overview
Workshop 13 - Creating a generic IT Architecture blueprint
  • Product specific IT Architecture overview
Workshop 14 - Creating and analyzing product specific IT Architecture
  • Create views and viewpoints
Workshop 15 - Understanding and developing views and viewpoints of IT Architecture
Module 9: IT Architecture Delivery
  • Creating communication channels with stakeholders
Workshop 16 - Communicating and managing stakeholders
  • Modifying and updating IT Architecture artifacts
Workshop 17 - Modifying and updating IT Architecture artifacts based on stakeholders value input
  • Managing and delivering IT Architecture overview
Workshop 18 - Managing IT Architecture delivery
Module 10: IT Architecture Management
  • Reviewing and analyzing values
Workshop 19 - Reviewing and analyzing values across IT projects
  • Setting IT Architecture goals
Workshop 20 - Setting and defining IT Architecture goals
  • Updating the IT Architecture engagement model
Workshop 21 - Reviewing and updating the engagement model
  • Communicating technology values to stakeholders
Workshop 22 - Communicating and presenting values to the stakeholders
Exam comprises of 75 Multiple Choice Questions. It has to be completed in 90 minutes. The pass mark is 75%.
* CITREP Expanded supported available for Singaporean.
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