KeyBRIDGE POI Solution

KeyBRIDGE POI Solution

GEOBRIDGE Corporation has a large footprint in the payment processing industry for over two decades. The knowledgeable and skilled GEOBRIDGE team has developed the remarkable KeyBRIDGE 4100 POI to be a state of the art key injection appliance, keeping up with the technology of the very dynamic payment industry.

KeyBRIDGE POI supports both DUKPT and Master/Session methodologies and key loading, while enabling customers to load and support EMV keys. Additional terminal-specific functionality is also supported through the KeyBRIDGE injection dashboard for each supported device. Custom wiring diagrams detail all of the necessary features and functions of KeyBRIDGE-certified point-of-interaction terminals so that users have all of the necessary details to properly load each device.

Some of the standard product features are:

  • Centralized and secure key storage
  • Detailed key inventory
  • POI key erasure functionality to clear production keys from POS devices prior to transporting
  • Ability to update the SMK for periodic key rotation
    • Supported keys include: Double & triple-length TDES keys
    • 128, 192 & 256-bit AES keys
    • Single & double length Master/Session keys
KeyBRIDGE POI Solution

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