CryptoScript SDK

Utimaco CryptoScript SDK – Fast, Intuitive, Powerful, Secure

CryptoScript lets you run your applications inside the secure perimeter of a Utimaco CryptoServer HSM even when operating in FIPS mode (evaluation in preparation).

Run multiple applications in virtual HSMs

  • Firewalling, separate databases and roles allow for multi-tenancy.
  • When easy-to-use customization options are required, such as e. g. for Industrial IoT, Automotive, Utilities or Payment applications, CryptoScript is your readily available solution.

Custom Crypto Application Design

  • Secure
  • Managed language, security monitor
  • Intermediate results remain in HSM


  • Great performance, memory-efficient
  • Virtual HSMs for multi-tenancy
  • Easy to use
  • Optimized for crypto applications
  • Automatic garbage collection


  • Cryptography, audit logs, and more

Product Documents


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