Utimaco CryptoServer CP5 – eIDAS-compliant CC-certified

CryptoServer CP5 supports Trust Service Providers (TSPs) in fulfilling policy and security requirements defined in various ETSI technical standards (ETSI EN 319 401, EN 319 411, EN 319 421). With key authorization functionalities, it is ideally suited for eIDAS-compliant qualified signature creation and remote signing. Other application areas include the issuing of (qualified) certificates, OCSP (Online Certificate Status Protocol) and time stamping. The CryptoServer CP5 is based on the CryptoServer Se Gen2 hardware platform and Common Criteria-certified according to the eIDAS Protection Profile (PP) EN 419 221-5 “Cryptographic Module for Trust Services”. It is available as a PCIe plug-in card or as network-attached appliance.

Remote signing applications require a Signature Activation Module (SAM) to authorize a signature or operation. Utimaco offers you a powerful combination of CryptoServer CP5 and CryptoServer SDK, the Utimaco CryptoServer 4SAM, allowing for SAM firmware to be developed and run inside the tamper-protected environment of the HSM. CryptoServer 4SAM is the ideal choice for developers of such “internal SAMs”, and TSPs operating such server signing solution.

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