Utimaco CryptoServer SDK

Utimaco CryptoServer SDK
The professional development environment for customized solutions

As the SDK provides full access to the Utimaco base firmware, custom firmware modules can be developed in a very short time frame. The SDK includes the HSM simulator for easy firmware testing. Some of the features are:

Secure development environment for all HSM models

  • Developments can be performed independently from Utimaco
  • Full control over functionality of user-created firmware
  • The development environment for the successful realization of your security requirements

The development environment enables you to implement your own firmware modules. These can then be executed within the CryptoServer Hardware Security Modules. The Utimaco CryptoServer SDK base firmware allows for the development of security products that require FIPS 140-2 level 3 or physical level 4.

Cost-effective development

  • No additional license fees for runtime environments or for each delivered application
  • Minimal training required thanks to the use of standard programming languages and standardized development environments
  • Complete description of internal programming interfaces (API) enables maximum utilization of Utimaco base firmware modules
  • Efficient testing and debugging using the CryptoServer software simulator
  • Reduced price for Hardware Security Modules in development environments

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