GeoBRIDGE Remote Key Delivery (RKD)

KeyBRIDGE Remote Key Delivery (RKD) supports the remote distribution of keys to deployed (POI) terminals. By enabling remote key delivery, organizations save valuable time and resources by securely automating the delivery of keys to remote terminals.

More and more, the industry is demanding the ability to implement remote symmetric key distribution without relying on the physical security, policies procedures and personnel associated with physical Key Injection Facilities (KIF). Moreover, in order to maintain a competitive advantage in the growing virtual marketplace, it is imperative to utilize solutions that allow for the reduction of operational delays and high costs associated with shipping devices to KIFs simply to receive new cryptographic keys.

Organizations are better equipped to perform periodic key rotations and contend with a suspected or known key compromise by quickly and efficiently replacing terminal keys in the field. KeyBRIDGE RKD supports numerous APIs, including support for communicating and connecting with client-defined terminal management systems. KeyBRIDGE RKD leverages TR-34 for terminal payload generation, assuring secure, compliant and interoperable key transfer. Through the use of TLS 1.2, communications to and from the KeyBRIDGE RKD appliance are maintained and secured. As a licensed feature, KeyBRIDGE can fully support the requirements of Verifone Remote Key (VRK). This feature allows customers with their own Terminal Management Systems to build a remote keying facility, fully compatible with the latest Verfone terminal requirements.

KeyBRIDGE can also form the core of a system to remotely deploy PKI trust to terminals. In this role, it receives requests for key pairs; it generates the keys, forms CSRs and sends them to a CA, then gets the certificates and forms terminal payloads to be returned to the requesting Terminal Management System. This system functionally mirrors our standard RKD offering, but is focused on delivering terminal trust anchors.

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