Secure your Infrastructure with Quantum-Resistant Cryptography

Apply Post-Quantum Cryptography today with Utimaco Q-safe 1.0

Utimaco is proud to offer you the 1st HSM firmware extension for Utimaco’s industry proven CryptoServer HSM that allows for the use of quantum secure algorithms in your IT security infrastructure.

Quantum computing will decimate the security infrastructure of the digital economy, because quantum computing is a threat to traditional cryptographic algorithms that have proven to be secure for decades in the past.

Q-Safe allows you to face the challenge with Post-Quantum Cryptography today – apply PQC algorithms, evaluate performance, usability and security today within the secure hardware boundaries of Utimaco’s SecurityServer general purpose HSMs. Starting today, Q-Safe enables you to secure your IT infrastructure by using quantum-safe crypto algorithms for digital signatures and key agreement. These algorithms are in full compliance with the ongoing NIST standardization process and recommended by BSI (Federal Office for Information Security, Germany). You can use these crypto primitives as building blocks to establish hybrid crypto schemes to prepare for the risk related to weakened non-PQC algorithms in the future.

Utimaco provides you with:

  • the tools and knowledge for a future-proof, state-of-the-art security infrastructure
  • hardware backed PQC algorithm support
  • PQC consultancy for the right choice of algorithms and roadmap towards quantum-safe IT security infrastructures

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