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Moving to the multi-cloud: new IT projects and an increasing number of high value assets are moving to the cloud. This

  • reduces CAPEX,
  • improves flexibility, scalability and availability of services.

Cloud-based Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) can secure data and high value assets such as custom code.

The Utimaco CryptoServer Cloud is an HSM as a Service that offers the following advantages:

  • Reduces your CAPEX
  • Protects your cryptographic keys and custom code: store your cryptographic material in a dedicated HSM
  • Allows you to seamlessly work with any major Cloud Service Provider (CSP)
  • Supports multi-cloud deployments
  • Gives you migration flexibility: no CSP vendor lock-in
  • Support directly from the HSM provider. 8/5 and 24/7 options available
  • Simple pricing: no set-up cost, only monthly commitments

Benefits of Utimaco CryptoServer Cloud

Utimaco offers you a reliable and trustworthy HSM-as-a-Service that helps you secure your most sensitive & valuable assets including custom code in the secure perimeter of the HSM.

  • Multi-cloud scalability and risk mitigation
    • No lock-in to specific Cloud Service Provider key management solution
    • Virtually unlimited scalability
    • Certainty over the allocation and physical location of your HSM
  • Maximum security for high value assets
    • Custom code can be protected and deployed on HSM
      (Utimaco SecurityServer SDK required)
    • Customer dedicated HSM
    • Only customer has control of content in the secure perimeter of the HSM
    • Two-factor authentication available
    • Full control of encryption key life-cycle and key administration
  • Connectivity
      • Private connection to major Cloud Service Providers with multi-cloud support
      • Direct connections from numerous co-locations available via Megaport
  • Latency: Short RTD from HSM to cloud-based applications
  • Full control of HSM
    • End customer has all administrative rights on HSM
    • Easy-to-use remote management and on-site key ceremony service option
  • Maximum level of compliance
      • FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certified HSMs
      • Hosted in ISO/IEC 27001, HIPAA and PCI compliant data center
    • Simplicity: standard APIs supported like PKCS#11, JCE, CNG

Service Level

Get the best service possible: Get the HSM Service Level Agreement from the HSM vendor!

  • For HSM: MTBF 90,000 hours
  • For connection:
    • 99% availability with a single connection
    • 99.99% availability with redundant connections
  • Response times for cloud service:
    • 8/5 standard support: 8 business hours
    • 24/7 premium support option: 4 hours

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