Utimaco Enterprise Secure Key Manager v5

Protecting Sensitive Information with Data Encryption
Organizations across all industry and public sectors are increasingly challenged to protect their sensitive information such as cardholder data, patient records, personally identifiable information, and intellectual property from threats such as unauthorized insider access, accidental disclosure, and theft by a range of hostile outsiders.

Auditors and regulators, due to privacy policy mandates, often require encryption of sensitive data-at-rest as a minimum standard of care and security best practice. When sensitive data at rest is encrypted, the risks of loss and audit failure that can damage business reputation and result in financial penalties, are reduced. Use Utimaco ESKM for key management for data at rest.

Key Management Is Essential
When encryption is used to protect data at rest, strong and secure key management practices with automated policy enforcement are needed to manage, protect, and serve encryption keys over the life of the data. If encryption keys are compromised, data is compromised or lost, and business continuity is impacted. Finally, if an organization cannot prove that data and keys were managed and protected under verifiable security controls, it will fail compliance audits.

Supports OASIS KMIP, NIST, and Common Criteria standards
Hardened server appliance designed as a
FIPS 140-2 Level 2 cryptographic module
Clusters span and serve multiple data centers, across geographic locations
High-availability clustering, 2–8 nodes
Secure remote administrator access to assign roles and privileges

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