Utimaco Enterprise Secure Key Manager

Utimaco Enterprise Secure Key Manager (ESKM)

Offered in both on-premise hardware and virtually, ESKM provides centralized key management, securing encryption keys with consistent policy controls for data at rest. Today, more organization are easily migrating to ESKM to achieve the following core benefits:

  • Highest level of security to meet compliance mandates with FIPS 140-2 Level 2 cryptographic module
  • Robust scalability and high availability, supporting hundreds of clients and thousands of keys across geographic regions
  • Full interoperability: Supports OASIS v2.1 KMIP, NIST, and Common Criteria standards, as well as provides a vast product portfolio and partner ecosystem
  • Custom integrations and scaled deployments
  • Offered virtually and supports up to four HSMs in a failover with user defined heartbeat configuration

Consider integrating vESKM with a single and centralized root of trust to further protect the keys at rest. By providing the foundation on which all secure operations including key retrieval of vESKM depend, organizations can store the keys used for cryptographic functions, enabling an inherently trusted ecosystem which is secure by design.

Virtual Enterprise Secure Key Manager (vESKM)

Lower costs and scale key management with a virtual appliance that can be quickly deployed for high availability and expands within your environment. Utimaco’s vESKM centralizes cryptographic processing, security policies and key management in a FIPS 140-2 Level 1 compliant platform.  Utimaco is here to help our customers adopt a virtual key management strategy, so they can take advantage of the following benefits:

  • Better support for custom applications
  • More agile key management
  • Reduced hardware and maintenance costs
  • Scalability to support growing and changing workloads and spikes in demand
  • Increased security on cloud platforms by maintaining key ownership


Try ESKM & vESKM Today!

Download a free fully functional 60 days trial! Try our UI and rich feature set without ever having to set up or dedicate internal systems. For more information, please email hsm@utimaco.com

Enterprise Data Protection

Protecting Sensitive Information with Data Encryption
Protecting sensitive information such as cardholder data, patient records, personally identifiable information, and intellectual property from threats such as unauthorized insider access, accidental disclosure, and theft by a range of hostile outsiders is extremely challenging.
Due to privacy policy mandates, auditors and regulators often require encryption of sensitive data-at-rest as a minimum standard of care and security best practice. When sensitive data at rest is encrypted, the risks of loss and audit failure that can damage business reputation and result in financial penalties, are reduced, however those cryptographic keys still need to be secured.

Key Management Is Essential

Strong and secure key management practices with automated policy enforcement are needed to manage, protect, and serve encryption keys over the life of the data. If encryption keys are compromised, data is compromised or lost, and business continuity is impacted. Finally, if an organization cannot prove that data and keys were managed and protected under verifiable security controls, it will fail compliance audits. Utimaco’s ESKM & vESKM can ensure an organization’s sensitive data is secure and compliant, as well as enable more flexible policies and procedures.

Utimaco ESKM integrations are available for the following server:

  • HPE NonStop
  • HPE Smart Array Secure Encryption (Proliant)
  • HPE StoreEver Tape Library
  • HPE StoreServe 3PAR
  • HPE StoreOnce
  • HPE XP
  • HPE SimpliVity/Hyper Converged
  • Nimble
  • HPE Helion (OpenStack Barbican & HPSE)
  • Micro Focus Autonomy (Connected MX Backup/Recovery)

Third-party KMIP integrations

  • VMware
  • NetApp
  • Zettaset
  • Hitachi Vantara
  • MongoDB
  • Spectra Logic
  • HyTrust
  • Bloombase
  • Cryptsoft
  • Fornetix
  • IBM DB2
  • OpenStack community
  • P6R
  • Quantum
  • BDT
  • Suse
  • Brocade

Implementation Service for your Utimaco ESKM Utimaco QuickStart Services:

xThe Utimaco QuickStart Service provides for the implementation of Utimaco ESKM. Installation is conducted in accordance with the Utimaco product specifications and your specific requirements provided in the pre-installation questionnaire.

Installation and configuration of the aforementioned components by a trained Professional Services specialist is included in this service.

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